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Modena Italiana  

Chi sono

My studies has developed on two fronts, that of industrial technology and the kitchen in parallel, following my passions. My passion for cooking was born from my mom, spying when he was the agnolotti, the passion in doing things with fresh ingredients. From my father I inherited the desire to travel and learn about the world, the curiosity that still accompanies me today. Where I lived in Piemonte, My passion and curiosity for cooking exploded in 1986 when I walked into the kitchen in the important, at that time, Hotel restaurant Il Cavallino of Tortona. Goal of the Agnelli family and other great entrepreneurs in the kitchen already top­notch Chef Vissani was sometimes bringing his ingenuity. For years I pursued my careers of corporate and executive chef in many places in the world, and this for me and my career is a high added value. I gained expertise in multilingual team and of different cultures, leadership, cost management, used to work for goals, and stress management. I developed skills in kitchens of very different countries, using local raw materials carrying the Italian cuisine and our dishes well in very different contexts. ● Back in Italy in 2005, I worked with different structures to revise the kitchen staff, create menus, reorganize the kitchens and follow local new openings or brand. In 2010 I opened the tavern the 5 senses in Modena. For two years in a row winner culinary competition in Modena stuzzicagente, preparing and serving 600 meals in 3 hours. Best quality, and taste of the dish. I gained experience in various industries and organization development. Relations with all levels of the organization, strategic thinker, quality-oriented continuous improvement are hallmarks of my professional development.

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